Morley March and Hymn Tune Contest 2016

This year’s prestigious Morley March and Hymn tune Contest was held on Sunday 19th June. The contest’s format comprises a road march along the pedestrianised Queen Street, from the Ernie Wise Statue to the precinct adjacent to the Town Hall and a three verse hymn tune and contest march which are played in the precinct’s band arena.

Despite the day’s weather forecast of persistent, unmerciful rain, all showers held off long enough for the contest to be held as it should be; outdoors. In the event of inclement weather, the contest is held in Morley Town Hall – minus the marching element of course.

Playing first, performances of its road march, J. A. Greenwood’s, True And Trusty followed by three verses of Robert Saint’s reflective hymn tune, Gresford and John R. Carr’s contest march, Bramwyn, proved more than good enough to earn Skelmanthorpe Prospect Brass 2nd place in the second section and 10th overall with 320 points, out of 19 bands competing.

Shortly afterwards, The Skelmanthorpe Band marched down Queen Street with military precision, playing Arnold Safroni’s march, Imperial Echoes. The band’s first piece on the contest stand was Handel Parker’s beautiful Hymn Tune, Deep Harmony and to conclude its performance, played William Rimmer’s contest march, Honest Toil.

Each band member’s quality performance earned the band as a whole ‘Best First Section Band’ and 4th overall with a magnificent 364 points.

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